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Exams are over, what's next?

Posted on January 30 2018, 13:41pm

Categories: #Spotlight on English Tunisia

Exams are over, what's next?

Learning how to compensate for the hectic moments of tension and stress after the exams is all _teachers, parents and students’_ main concern after every end of term examinations.  Clearing our heads, gaining a deeper appreciation of life, enjoying our freedom and figuring out who we really are and what we really want to do with our lives are our main aims for a stress free period.

In fact, with the last test over, you feel like a huge burden had just been lifted off your neck and shouldres as it's now time to think less about school work. During exam period, we all feel a strong deprivation of sleep, cheerfulness, and relaxation. So after cramming for tests, we all have a strong desire to catch up on our lost sleep, play endless games, hang around with friends aimlessly, enjoy reading for pleasure or watching our favourite movie Channels, and many more activities to help us feel stress free.

For teachers, the biggest joy is to feel free from lesson planning, classroom management and assessement and marking burden.

For students, it’s rather urgent to thouroughly enjoy waking up late and seeing the desk free from paperwork, grabbing some great free moments without homework assignments, exams and time constraints before it is again time to review for a new term.

As for parents, they no longer have to drive children to and from school or private courses. They no longer feel guilty if they can’t help their kids with their assignments after a long busy work day. They may even enjoy meeting their friends for a celebratory meal and a friendly chat without being disturbed.

All in all, the need to never miss the chance to be at ease and to regenerate our endurance for a new term will be our ultimate satisfactionduring holidays. For this reason I resort to cooking tasty dishes, posting new articles on my blog and visiting relatives from time to time. Now, what about you dear readers, what do you do particularly to renovate your strenght?

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