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Compound adjectives

Posted on December 19 2017, 19:03pm

Categories: #Spotlight on English Tunisia

Compound adjectives


Adjective+ past participle    A boy who has blue eyes is … a blue-eyed boy

Adjective + verb –ing            A person who works hard is… a hard-working person

Adjective + noun                   Arrangements made at the last minute are … last –minute arrangements

Number + past participle     A table with three legs is … a three-legged table

Number + noun                     A walk that takes two hours is … a two-hour  walk

Noun+past participle/adjective      Apricots dried by the sun are … sun-dried apricots


Express the following sentences differently using compound adjectives.

  1. a man who has short sight                            ________________________________________________
  2. a flat with three bedrooms.                         ________________________________________________
  3. a shirt with short sleeves.                           ________________________________________________
  4. a rumour that last for a long time                 ________________________________________________
  5. people with bad manners.                              ________________________________________________
  6. a reception in which they shake hands.          ________________________________________________
  7. a plane with four engines.                             ________________________________________________
  8. a message which has been written by hand.    ________________________________________________
  9. a girl with red hair.                                     ________________________________________________
  10. a man who has only one leg.                           ________________________________________________

Check your answers 

  1. A short-sighted man
  2. A three-bedroom flat
  3. A short-sleeved shirt
  4. A long-lasting rumour
  5. Bad-mannered people
  6. A hand-shaking reception
  7. A four-engine plane
  8. A hand-written message
  9. A red-haired girl
  10. A one-legged man
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