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The amazing benefits of houseplants!

Posted on February 4 2018, 09:25am

Categories: #Health line

The amazing benefits of houseplants!

Benefits of plants at home

Having a plant at home for me is like having a true friend around. It clears my mind, boosts my mood and energy, and reduces fatigue and stress. It gives beauty to my home too. But if you dig deeper beneath this beauty you will certainly discover there are a lot more benefits of having greenery around. So what are the advantages of caring for a plant?

Breathe fresher inside

Adding plants to interior spaces will certainly increase oxygen levels inside. These plants clean the air for you. They absorb carbon monoxyde and release oxygen. If you place such natural air purifiers on your desk, by your window, or in the corridor of your house, you will improve air quality since they remove toxic components from the air, which means you will live healthier, happier and longer.

Boost your mood

Embellishing our homes with greenery helps reduce stress and creates a feeling of well being. When you spend some time digging, seeding, watering, trimming and watching your favourite plants grow up, you will feel more at ease with everything surrounding you. The impact of these activities is immediate. It reduces stress, fatigue, anexiety, and even depression, and fills you with a feeling of purity and harmony with nature, a sense of well being and stability, and a charge of positive energy.

Think smarter

Staring at an open window leading to a green space or plants around is a great therapy for me. It regenerates my attention, concentration, creativity, and memory retention. It keeps my brain working, but working easier and smarter. Once filled with positivity, I can focus easier, think bigger, and work more effiencient.

So don’t think twice, just choose your favourite plant, flower or rose, embellish your home or workplace and make it a more pleasant tranquil and comfortable environment where you can move, work, relax and foster happy vibes in the air.

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