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The adverse effects of teenagers' addiction to social websites

Posted on February 7 2018, 07:57am

Categories: #Health line

The adverse effects of teenagers' addiction to social websites

Today social networking sites such as facebook, you tube, twitter, instagram, google+ and many others are competing to offer a huge variety of really enjoyable leisure activities and services. It’s no wonder that thousands of people, amd mainly teenagers do freely enjoy playing games, watching videos, listening to the latest hits, and connecting with an unlimited number of e pals.

 Unfortunately, connection via The Internet, mobile phones, and tablets everywhere, has become a central force that fuels the rhythm of teenagers’ daily lives. Sometimes, teens forget there’s life beyond the screen. So what are the disadvantages of social networks and how can we avoid being trapped in.

First, this rhythm of staying still in a dull room glued on a chair facing a small screen does not only affect the users’ physical and mental health but also their academic achievements and social life, too. In fact many teenagers have turned into isolated computer junkies or techno addicts whose school results are suffering and who are unaware that they are wasting their time and losing contact with real people.

Besides, they are really aggressive when they are away from the screen. In addition, due to the big amount of violent and sexually explicit content they are exposed to, teenagers may develop amoral behaviours and attitudes keeping them away from being good citizens in the future.  Furthermore, social networking has increased cases of cyber-bullying, especially prevalent among youths, which causes harm to victims and in extreme cases, can lead to depression and even suicide.

Undoubtedly, social networking sites are advantageous to young generations because they offer a vast source of reliable information, instant communication, varied entertainment and even easy shopping. But as with all tools, it inherently possesses some risks and problems which must be mitigated.

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