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present simple

Posted on December 19 2017, 22:40pm

Categories: #Spotlight on English Tunisia

present simple
I/you/we/theyI study.I do not study.Do I study?
he/she/itHe studies.He does not study.Does he study?

The present tense is the base form of the verb: I work in London.
But the third person (she/he/it) adds an -s: She works in London.


We use the present tense to talk about:

  • something that is true in the present:

I’m eleven years old.
He lives in Tunisia.
I’m a student.

  • something that happens again and again in the present:

I do my homework at 7 o'clock  every day.

We use words like sometimes, often. always, and never (adverbs of frequency) with the present tense:

I sometimes play computer games.
She never plays tennis.

  • something that is always true:

The adult human body contains 206 bones.
Light travels at almost 300,000 kilometres per second.


  • something that is fixed in the future.

The school term starts next week.
The train leaves at 1945 this evening.


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